Aning Hot Spring

Ticket Price   CNY 20

Opening Hours   8:00-20:00

The Anning Hot Spring is a renowned holiday resort and tourist destination situated in Kunming. Perched at an elevation of 1,795 meters above sea level, it is nestled at the base of Yuquan Mountain, also known as Jade Spring Hill, amidst a verdant landscape and a well-preserved natural park. Surrounded by Yuquanshan to the east, Congshan Hill to the west, and Bijiashan Hill to the northeast, the area boasts a picturesque setting ideal for nature enthusiasts.

Flanked by graceful mountains on three sides and in close proximity to the Tanglangchuan River, the Anning Hot Spring area offers a serene ambiance and rejuvenating hot springs, making it an idyllic retreat for relaxation. It is often hailed as ‘the best hot spring under the sun’ due to its tranquil environment and therapeutic waters.

The discovery of the Anning Hot Spring dates back to the Eastern Han dynasty (41–44 AD), nearly 2,000 years ago. Legend has it that during the reign of Emperor Guangwu, Han General Su Wenda stumbled upon the spring while hunting near the summit of Congshan Hill. Intrigued by wisps of water emanating from the hill’s base, he investigated further and discovered a crystal-clear spring. Promptly, workers were enlisted to develop the spring, which has been utilized ever since. Over the centuries, it underwent significant renovations during the Tang dynasty and gained popularity as a scenic spot during the Yuan dynasty.

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