Badaguan Scenic Area

Entrance Fee Apr. – Oct.: CNY 15;
Nov. – Mar.: CNY 10.
Note: Free entry is available after the normal opening hours.
Opening Hours Apr. – Oct.: 7:30 – 19:30
Nov. – Mar.: 7:30 – 17:30

Badaguan, or the “Eight Passes”, is a charming historical street district nestled in the north of Huiquanjiao Scenic Zone, near the southeastern coast of Qingdao, Shandong Province. Embraced by the gentle waves of Taiping Bay to the south and the golden sands of Bathing Beach No.3 to the east, this scenic area epitomizes Qingdao’s allure with its picturesque blend of “red tiles, green trees, blue sea, and blue sky”.

Renowned for its architectural diversity, Badaguan serves as a captivating showcase of global styles, featuring influences from Japan, America, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, and more. Dubbed the “Exhibition of the World’s Architecture” in Qingdao, the district’s streets are adorned with a mosaic of buildings, each reflecting the distinct cultural heritage of its country of origin.

The origin of its name, Badaguan, stems from the eight roads (now expanded to ten) that crisscross the area, paying homage to China’s eight renowned strategic passes along the Great Wall. These include Jiayuguan Pass, Juyongguang Pass, Wushengguan Pass, Ningwuguang Pass, Shanhaiguan Pass, Shaoguan Pass, Zhengyangguan Pass, and Zijingguan Pass.

As visitors meander through Badaguan’s labyrinth of streets, they are treated to a sensory journey through time and culture, where each corner reveals a new architectural gem, each facade whispering tales of distant lands. From the quaint charm of Japanese tea houses to the stately grandeur of European manors, Badaguan beckons travelers to immerse themselves in its eclectic tapestry of history and beauty.

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