Beijushui River

Ticket Fare Apr. – Dec. Jan. – Mar.
Liuqing, Taiqing, Yangkou CNY90 CNY60
Beijiushui & Hualou CNY65 CNY40

Opening Hours: 07:00-17:30 (March – June; September – November); 06:00-19:00 (July, August); 07:30-17:00 (December – February)

The Beijiushui Scenic Area, often referred to as Nature’s Gallery of the Nine Waters, is nestled amidst the picturesque hills of Laoshan, within the upstream region of the Baisha River. Its name derives from the river’s serpentine path, which gracefully bends nine times, earning it the moniker of Beijiushui, or Nine Waters.

Comprising Neijiushui, Waijiushui (also known as Beijiushui), and Nanjiushui, the scenic area is renowned for its natural splendor, with Beijiushui standing out as the most renowned. Here, the river flows swiftly, its turbulent currents accentuating the dynamic energy of the landscape. As the river meanders further, its pace slows, bestowing upon the surroundings an aura of tranquil elegance.

Enhancing the scenic allure are eighteen meticulously crafted ponds, including Deyu (Catching Fish) Pond and Deyi (Delight) Pond. These evocative names conjure images of poetic reverie, blending the innate beauty of the landscape with Taoism’s profound reverence for the natural world.

At the heart of Beijiushui lies the mesmerizing Chaoyin Waterfall, captivating visitors with its awe-inspiring display. During the rainy season, torrents of water cascade down the mountainside, crashing against the rocks with a thunderous roar reminiscent of waves crashing upon a distant shore. This captivating spectacle serves as a testament to the raw power and enduring beauty of nature, drawing visitors from far and wide to behold its majesty.

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