Blue Moon Valley

Opening Hours: 9:00 – 18:00

Ticket: CNY 50/person, already included in the ticket price of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Blue Moon Valley, situated within the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area near Lijiang Old Town, is a renowned destination approximately nine miles (15 kilometers) away. Nestled beside the Spruce Plateau on the eastern side of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Blue Moon Valley presents a breathtaking sight resembling a cascading waterfall from the heavens. Fed by the melting snow and ice descending from the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the waters of the valley are icy cold, even during the summer months, making it challenging for visitors to withstand the piercing chill as they immerse themselves in the river. Viewed from afar, the valley forms a striking image akin to a blue crescent moon adorning the mountain’s base.

Despite its name, the river within Blue Moon Valley showcases more than just hues of blue. Renowned for its pristine clarity and absence of pollution, the riverbed is composed of white marbles and limestone gravels. During rainfall, the sedimentation of white mud and limestone rubble results in the water taking on a milky white appearance. This phenomenon has led the local Naxi people to affectionately dub it the White Water River (Baishuihe River).

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