Butterfly Spring Park

Ticket Fare Entrance Fee: CNY 60
Sightseeing bus: CNY 20
Opening Hours 8:30 – 17:00
Recommended Time for a Visit 1h

The Butterfly Spring, situated approximately 27 kilometers south of Dali Ancient Town, is a natural marvel where thousands of butterflies create a mesmerizing spectacle, earning it the title of the “Kingdom of Butterflies.”

The spring derives its name from the pool formed by the rising water, which is surrounded by dense foliage. Above the pool stands an ancient tree known as the Butterfly Tree, renowned for its fragrant blossoms that attract countless butterflies as spring transitions into summer. These colorful insects flutter around the pool and congregate on the tree in large clusters, drawn by the sweet nectar of the blossoms.

The breathtaking sight of butterflies dancing amidst the branches and blossoms has become a local phenomenon, celebrated annually with the Butterfly Meet festival. Held on April 15th, members of the Bai ethnic group gather around the Butterfly Tree for festivities. During this event, young people seek romantic connections amidst the vibrant flutter of butterflies, adding a touch of romance to the natural spectacle.

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