Chaoyin Waterfall

Entrance Fee: free

Opening hours: 07:00 – 17:30

Chaoyin Waterfall, aptly named “Rock Waterfall Chaoyin,” cascades from the heights, weaving its way through the sky with a mesmerizing spectacle. During the dry season, its descent is marked by a serene elegance, while in the flood season, it roars with a ferocity akin to a raging tide, echoing through the surroundings with its thunderous sound. Originating from Tianyi Spring on the northern side of the towering peak of Laoding, the waterfall’s journey culminates in a crystalline pool below, known as “Indigo Bay,” owing to its deep blue hue.

As the waterfall’s waters plummet, the second fold leads them into a mysterious cave, shrouded in myth and legend, with depths said to be unfathomable. Etched into the rock walls surrounding the waterfall are the poetic musings of revered literati. Ye Gongchuo’s elegant calligraphy adorns the left wall with the characters “Chaoyin Waterfall,” while Gao Fenghan’s verses and Huang Miaozi’s poems grace the west and east stone walls, respectively.

Perched above, a charming “Waterfall Viewing Pavilion” provides a perfect vantage point to behold this natural masterpiece and contemplate the profound words of the poets, enhancing the enchantment of the scene and delighting the senses of all who behold it.

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