Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort

Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort, nestled on the picturesque bank of the Wenyu River in Beijing’s Shunyi District, spans an impressive area of 400,000 square meters, offering a haven for conferences, relaxation, and gourmet dining. With accommodations equivalent to those of standard 4-star hotels, this hidden gem provides a luxurious retreat for weekend getaways.

The resort’s main attraction is its expertly maintained hot springs, which originate from a stream situated 1800 meters underground. These springs boast a perennially comfortable temperature of 60 degrees Celsius and are enriched with natural minerals known for their therapeutic properties, making them ideal for bodily rehabilitation. In addition to the rejuvenating hot springs, the resort features a comprehensive spa facility offering various treatments aimed at relieving stress and promoting wellness. Guests can indulge in natural therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, massages, and sauna sessions, all within the serene ambiance of rich wooden surroundings.

For those seeking an enhanced experience, one of the hot springs is equipped with specially designed pumps that target and massage acupuncture points, providing a unique form of aqua acupuncture therapy. Whether guests are looking to unwind, revitalize, or simply enjoy the tranquil atmosphere, Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort promises a memorable and rejuvenating stay.

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