Dragon Gate of Western Hill

Opening Hours: 8:30 – 17:30

Western Hills Entrance Ticket: Free;

Dragon Gate: CNY 40/person (includes Dragon Gate Grottoes and San Qing Pavilion);

Taihua Temple and Huating Temple: CNY 20/person for joint fee;

Cable Car from Dian Lake to Dragon Gate lower cableway station: CNY 40/person;

Cable Car from lower cableway station to upper cable way station of Dragon Gate: CNY 25/person;

Battery Car on the mountain: CNY 8/person.

The Western Hill, situated on the western bank of Dianchi Lake in Kunming, is enveloped in lush mountains cloaked in verdant forests, resonating with the melodious tunes of birdsong.

According to a Chinese idiom, “Once you ascend Longmen (Dragon Gate), you would receive a sudden boost in your prestige.” Longmen refers to a particular gorge on a river flanked by sheer precipices and a natural dam. Legend has it that if carps swimming upstream could leap over the dam, they would transform into dragons. The residences of influential dignitaries were often likened to dragon gates; being a guest in these households was believed to ensure a prosperous future.

The Western Hill Forest Park boasts dense woodlands, vibrant flowers, and lush vegetation, offering breathtaking vistas. During the Ming Dynasty, in the Jiajing period, Yangshen extolled the mountains as among the most delightful scenery in Yunnan. In that era, the Western Hill in Kunming, Tonghai Xiushan Mountain, Weishan Weibao Mountain, and Binchuan Jizu Mountain were collectively referred to as “the four famous mountain sceneries of Yunnan.”

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