Green Lake Park

Tickets: Free

Opening Hours: 7:00-23:00

Kunming Green Lake, originally known as Cai Hai Zi or Cui Hu, holds the title of the “Eye of Kunming City” and sits prominently in the downtown area. Its picturesque landscape, adorned with lush trees, vibrant flowers, serene lakes, and lively wildlife, gives the lake a radiant allure, earning it the prestigious moniker of the “Jade of Kunming City.” In an effort to enhance the visitor experience and provide a serene retreat amidst nature’s beauty, Green Lake Kunming has been transformed into a scenic garden, boasting captivating natural vistas. Today, Green Lake Park stands as a cherished destination for travelers in Kunming, offering opportunities for leisurely strolls, observation of local life, and interactions with the playful black-necked gulls, particularly delightful during the warm winter months. Whether for a tranquil walk or an immersive experience with nature, Green Lake Park beckons visitors from around the globe to explore its captivating charm.

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