Gubei Water Town

Admission Fee to Gubei Water Town:
CNY 140 for adults
CNY 80 for the minors under 16 and the old over 60
Free for children under 1.2m (3.9 feet)

Admission Fee to  Simatai Great Wall:
CNY 40 for adults
CNY20 for the old over 60
Free for the minors

Combo Ticket:
CNY 170 for adults
CNY 100 for the old over

Opening Hours for Gubei Water Town
Sun. – Thur.: 9:00 – 22:30
Fri. & Sat.: 9:00 – 23:00


Gubei Water Town surrounds the beautiful Mandarin Duck Lake Reservoir and leans against the Simatai Great Wall, the most dangerous and majestic section of the entire Great Wall. Regarded as ‘Wuzhen in Beijing’, Gubei Water Town boasts a combination of mountains, water and ancient villages.

The water town is built on the former 5 sub natural villages of Simatai Village at the foot of Simatai Great Wall. The Simatai village was developed from Simatai Castle built during the reign of Emperor Wanli ( 1573 -1620 ) in Ming Dynasty ( 1368 – 1644 ). It is not a historical water town, it is a replica of Wuzhen Water Town in the Southern China.  Covering an area of 3.5 square miles (9 square kilometers), the holiday resort includes two scenic districts, the Gubei Water Town and the Simatai Great Wall.

At Gubei Water Town you can explore Yuantong Pagoda (圆通塔), meditate with the monks, taste the Buddhist tea and lunch. A. visit to Sima Brewery (司马酿酒馆) you can get an idea on the process of making wine, and try the local grains dishes. At Yongshun Dyeing House (永顺染坊), you can learn the original ecological dyeing, you can DIY your own dyeing works. At the famous Yinghua Academy (英华书院) , you can learn Chinese traditional calligraphy, enjoy Chinese tea. At Yang Wudi ancestral hall (杨无敌祠) , you will learn general Yangwudi’s life. There are so much things to do.


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