Guilin, often hailed with the saying ‘East or west, Guilin landscape is best!’, resides in the northeastern region of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in southern China. Renowned as the pearl of China’s burgeoning tourism industry, Guilin boasts unparalleled natural beauty and rich historical treasures. Encompassing an area of approximately 27,800 square kilometers (10,734 square miles), the city is relatively compact compared to other prominent travel destinations across the country. However, it is the mesmerizing landscape surrounding the city that truly sets it apart, exuding a magical allure all its own.

Dotted with peculiarly shaped hills or karsts, adorned with lush greenery ranging from bamboo groves to towering conifers, and embraced by pristine waters and captivating caves, Guilin enchants visitors with its irresistible charm. This natural splendor has made the city a coveted destination for travelers seeking awe-inspiring vistas and serene surroundings. Moreover, Guilin boasts a rich cultural heritage dating back over 2,000 years, serving as a significant political, economic, and cultural hub in Guangxi since the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127).

While Guilin shares similarities with many other medium-sized Chinese cities, such as its urban infrastructure and amenities, what truly distinguishes it is its abundance of western-style hotels, a thriving tourism industry, and relatively low levels of air pollution. Drawing throngs of domestic tourists, Guilin’s proximity to picturesque limestone mountains and formations further enhances its allure, offering visitors an unforgettable experience immersed in natural beauty.

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