Guoliang Village

Ticket price : Entrance fee CNY 78p.p, excursion bus CNY 45p.p

Open times: 8:00-17:30


located in the deep of Taihang Mountain with the altitude 1700 meters, Guoliang village is in Huixian county Xinxiang Henan. There is a unique mountain range with many peaks, mountains and rivers, Spectacular cave waterfalls, deep pools and streams, the Mountain is simple as well as the local people, beautiful sceneries with the unique water features , it’s know to the wolrd for it’s“Hanging Road on the cliff”, we call it the“Pearl of Taihang Mountain.

There are 82 households in the village of Guoliang with over 300 villagers.The Grand Canyon is more than 200 meters in height, 500 meters in width and 20km in length. The red rocks are scarlet and upright like knifed and axed. The scenic Grand Canyon is one of the highlights on your trip to Guoliang Village. It attracted a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists every year, one of the famous film base in China.

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