Hengshan Mountain

Admission Fee May – Oct.: CNY 110
Nov. – Apr.: CNY 80
Nanyue Temple May – Oct.: CNY 60
Nov. – Apr.: CNY 40
Water Curtain Cave CNY 30
Wanshou Tripod CNY 30
Zhusheng Temple CNY 5
Jingang Buddha Remains Stupa CNY 5
Cable Car & Battery Car CNY 80 (round-trip)
CNY 45 ( single-trip)

Located in Hengyang City, Hunan Province, Mount Hengshan, also known as Nanyue, or South Mountain, is one of the renowned peaks of the Wuyue, the collective name given to five famous mountains in China. Offering breathtaking mountain scenery, Mount Hengshan is distinguished by its prominent peaks and stunning vistas.

Comprising 72 peaks, Mount Hengshan welcomes climbers with the majestic Huiyan Peak, the first peak encountered on the ascent. As visitors journey northward, they are treated to a spectacle of picturesque landscapes. Verdant foliage blankets the entire mountain range, with an abundance of precious trees and expansive primeval forests. Some trees, aged between 300 to 400 years, burst into bloom each spring, while others boast a remarkable age of over 1,000 years. The primeval forest features trees adorned with lichen-covered trunks, reminiscent of elderly figures draped in weathered attire.

From the mountain summits, visitors are treated to panoramic views of sunrise, billowing clouds, and vast expanses of forested terrain. These magnificent vistas are often referred to as the “four oceans” of Mount Hengshan: the ocean of flowers, the ocean of trees, the ocean of clouds, and the ocean of snow.

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