Houhai Lake

Houhai has been a bustling commercial district since the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368).  Literally means “Back Sea, together with Qianhai (Front Sea) and Xihai (West Sea), it comprises Shichahai. As an artificial lake, covering a total area of 87 acres (35 hectares). It formed part of the ancient waters of the Yuan Dynasty about 700 years ago and was exclusively for the royal family. Today, its an idea place to boating in summer and all kinds of ice activities in winter. The whole area is dotted with bars, cafes, teahouses and restaurants.

Houhai Lake area is also home to many traditional Chinese alleyways, called Hutongs, where you can walk around and get a glimpse of local life. Here also have many former homes of several famous Chinese officials and celebrities such as Prince Gong, Prince Chun, the famous poet Guo Moruo, and Sun Yat-sen’s wife, Soong Ching-ling.

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