Huangluo Long Hair village

  • Entrance Fee: free (the fee is included in the Longji Rice Terraces entrance ticket.)
  • Open Hours: 24/7
  • Suggested Visiting Time: 1-2 hours
  • Location: Heping Town, Longsheng County, Guilin (within Longji Scenic Area)

Huangluo Village or Huangluo Yao Village, attracting large groups of visitors is mainly because of its super reputation of the World’s Longest Hair Village by the Guinness Record. According to the research data, among the 60 households, there are about 60 women having natural black hairs stretching up to more than 1 meter long, with the longest of about 1.7 meters.

For females of Red Yao ethnic group, long hairs means longevity and prosperity, so they would have their hairs cut for only twice during their whole life, one is when she comes to the world for 100 days, another is on her coming-of-age ceremony at 18 years old. After they get married and give birth to their babies, they would wear it up to a bun symbolizing a kid. So far in Guilin and the whole China, Huangluo Yao Village in Longsheng County is nearly the only site to see Red Yao ladies with very long hairs.

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