Huangyaguan Great Wall

Entrance Fee CNY 70
CNY 40 for children between 1.2m(3.9 feet) and 1.5m (4.9 feet);
Free for children under 1.2m.
Sightseeing Bus one-way: CNY 30; round-trip: CNY 50.
Opening Hours 7:30 – 18:00

Huangyaguan Great Wall is located 28km north of Ji County, Tianjin, and it is about 100 kilometers from Beijing. Originally built in 557 AD, Huangyanguan Great Wall was repaired for the first time in Ming Dynasty by Qi Qiguang and for the second time in 1985. Qi Jiguang added different watch towers and other defensive works along this section of the Wall, such as watch towers, frontier cities, drain holes, emplacements, barracks and other indispensable military facilities. The Huangyaguan stretches 42 kilometers from the general Pass in Beijing to the Malan Pass in Hebei. This section have 52 watchtowers and 14 beacon towers initially.

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