Huating Temple

Tickets: ¥6
Opening Hours: 8:30am -17:00pm

Huating Temple is located in Xishan Forest Park, Xishan District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. Unlike other temples, it faces east rather than south. The temple was built in 1063 during the Song Dynasty and occupies a rectangular area of ​​12,000 square meters.

The temple is centrally symmetrical and has a closed courtyard style. Huating Temple is the largest temple in Yunnan Province. Announced as one of the municipal cultural relics protection units in Kunming. The architectural style of Huating Temple is deeply influenced by palace rule and Confucian culture. On the central axis of the entire temple, there are the Life Release Pond, the Heavenly King Hall, the Eight Merit Ponds, the Main Hall, and the Sutra Storehouse.

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