Jianshui Ancient City

Entrance Fee: free

Opening hours:08:00—18:00

Jianshui County, nestled in the southern reaches of Yunnan Province, stands as a testament to over 1,200 years of rich history and cultural heritage. Renowned as a cultural epicenter in Yunnan, Jianshui boasts a plethora of historical sites and natural wonders that captivate visitors from far and wide.

Throughout the county, ancient bridges, pagodas, wells, and streets weave a tapestry of cultural relics, each bearing witness to the passage of time and the enduring legacy of the region. Inhabitants from diverse ethnic backgrounds, including the Han, Hani, Yi, Hui, Dai, and Miao peoples, have called Jianshui home for generations, contributing to its vibrant tapestry of customs and traditions.

For tea enthusiasts, Jianshui is a haven for exquisite tea wares, particularly the renowned Jianshui teapot. Crafted from high-fired purple clay and adorned with intricate Chinese calligraphy or imagery, these teapots are prized for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

No visit to Jianshui is complete without indulging in its culinary delights. Steam Pot Chicken, Rice Noodles, Roasted Tofu, Bird’s Nest, and Deep-fried Lotus Root with Glutinous Rice are just a few of the mouthwatering delicacies that await eager palates. These dishes, steeped in local flavors and culinary traditions, offer a tantalizing glimpse into Jianshui’s gastronomic heritage.

Whether exploring its ancient landmarks, savoring its delectable cuisine, or admiring its artistic tea wares, a journey to Jianshui promises an enriching experience that celebrates the rich tapestry of Yunnan’s cultural diversity.

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