Jiuxiang Scenic Region


Fee: ¥90 for entrance fee and ¥30 for cable car
Opening Hours: 08:00~18:00

Jiuxiang is one of the most beautiful scenic areas around Kunming, with impressive natural landscapes, magnificent underground landscapes and charming ethnic customs. Mainly inhabited by the Yi and Hui ethnic groups, it is located in the northeastern part of Yiliang County, 90 kilometers (55 miles) from the center of Kunming and 22 kilometers (14 miles) north of Stone Forest.

Jiuxiang is known as the “hometown of caves”. There are “only” 100 caves in total in the area. According to a local saying: “If a person spent his whole life counting the caves in Jiuxiang, he might not be able to count them all.” There are countless natural bridges and valleys between the caves. , rivers and waterfalls, forming an almost imaginary underground world. The caves in Juxiang were formed by long-term intermittent movements of the earth’s crust. These natural wonders include some of the rarest and most unique natural wonders in China and the world.

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