Kunming Old Street

Guanghua Street, stretching 435 meters from Zhengyi Road in the east to Wuyi Road in the west, is steeped in Kunming’s ancient charm. Here, you can savor authentic thin rice noodles cooked in small pots and browse through various antiques showcasing Yunnan’s unique cultural heritage. The street’s highlights include century-old pharmacies, adding to its historical allure.

Nanqiang Street, established in 1926, boasts a collection of old buildings reflecting the architectural styles of the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China period. Renhexiang House, dating back to 1904, is a notable example, featuring a two-story brick-and-wood structure typical of courtyard architecture prevalent in the Dianzhong Region during that era.

Qianwang Street is home to a rare sight in Kunming—a historic house with a watchtower. Here, you can relax at a Starbucks nestled within an old house or enjoy professional electroacoustic music at a local bar. The street also hosts a variety of handicraft shops offering hand-made bamboo ware, shoe-pads, and more.

Zhengyi Road boasts the oldest stone streetlamp from the Qing Dynasty, now preserved in the courtyard of a police station. Visitors can explore a diverse array of cuisines along this street, ranging from Japanese and Sichuan to Korean cuisine. Meanwhile, Jingxing Street delights visitors with its vibrant array of flowers and birds, creating a picturesque atmosphere.

For those interested in delving deeper into Yunnan’s cultural heritage, a visit to the Yunnan Tea Culture Museum on Wuyi Road is highly recommended, offering insights into the region’s rich tea-making traditions.

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