Li River

Recommended Visiting Time: 4~5 hours

Open Hours: Apr to Nov: 8:40 – 22:40 /Dec to Mar: 8:40 – 21:40

The Li River, formerly known as the Gui River, meanders through Guilin, the third-largest city in Guangxi Province, and has given rise to the world-renowned Li River Scenic Spot. The 83-kilometer waterway from Guilin’s city center to Yangshuo County, which falls under Guilin’s jurisdiction, epitomizes the essence of the Li River. So iconic is this stretch that it serves as the backdrop for the new edition 20-yuan banknote.

Guilin’s landscape is characterized by its distinctive karst topography. Over billions of years, limestone formations have undergone weathering and erosion, resulting in the breathtaking scenery that has inspired countless Chinese poets and artists. Described as “thousands of pinnacles standing tall around, with a river winding its way through the city,” Guilin’s beauty is truly remarkable.

The 83-kilometer Li River is often likened to a hundred-mile scroll, evoking the imagery of a classic Chinese landscape painting. Along its crystal-clear waters are countless verdant mountains, imposing cliffs, cascading waterfalls, lush oases, and tranquil shoals, creating a scene of unparalleled natural splendor.

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