Lijiang Impressions Show

Type: Song and Dance Performance
Size of the Theater: The theater can accommodate more than 2,800 people
Length of Performance: 65-70 minutes
Ticket prices: 280 RMB, 346 RMB (VIP)

Show times: varies according to the seasons

The Impression Lijiang Show, masterminded by the acclaimed director Zhang Yimou, who famously orchestrated the grandeur of the 2008 Beijing Olympics’ opening and closing ceremonies, is an awe-inspiring spectacle to behold. Against the majestic backdrop of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the open-air theater, perched at an impressive elevation of 10,170 feet (3500 meters), serves as the canvas for a mesmerizing performance.

With hundreds of actors and horses taking center stage, the show unfolds amidst the natural splendor of its surroundings. On clear days, the scene is nothing short of breathtaking, as the theatrical production seamlessly integrates with the awe-inspiring beauty of the mountainous landscape.

This cultural extravaganza unfolds without a traditional plot, serving as a vibrant display of local folklore through the performances of dancing and singing by members of the local minority communities. Unlike some other shows in China, the Impression Lijiang Show takes place during the daytime, foregoing elaborate light effects.

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