Lingyin Temple

Entrance Fee CNY 30 (Lingyin Temple); CNY 45 (Peak Flown From Afar)
If visitors want to visit Lingyin Temple, they have to enter Peak Flown From Afar Scenic Area first and cannot avoid the admission fee for Peak Flown From Afar.
Opening Hours 07:00 – 18:15;
Ticket selling ends at 17:30.

Lingyin Temple, also known as “Yunlin Temple,” is situated at the base of Lingyin Mountain, to the west of West Lake. Renowned for its serene surroundings, it stands as one of Hangzhou’s earliest and most revered temples, ranking among China’s top ten ancient Buddhist Zen temples.

Nestled amidst the natural beauty of Lingyin Mountain, Lingyin Temple is distinguished by the majestic presence of Feilai Peak. Despite its modest height, Feilai Peak’s labyrinthine caves and over 340 ancient Buddhist grotto statues, dating back to the Five Dynasties era, render it a precious gem of ancient grotto art in the Jiangnan region.

Despite its secluded mountain setting, Lingyin Temple remains a hub of spiritual activity, attracting a bustling trade in incense offerings. It is believed that prayers made here hold particular efficacy, especially on auspicious lunar dates and Buddhist feast days, drawing crowds of devout worshippers seeking blessings and solace.

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