Longmen Grottoes

Ticket price
Entrance fee CNY 90 p.p, Round way battery car is CNY 20 p.p
Open times: winter 8:00-17:30

Luoyang, is the historical famous city which the Chinese and foreignis well-known. She has glorious historical, bright cultural and themultitudinous cultural relic historical site. Located 13 km south of Luoyang, Henan province, the Longmen Grottoes are concentrated on the east and west cliffs of the Yishui River, and stretch for one km. The creating of Longmen Grottoes started from around year 493 when Emperor Xiaowendi of Northern Wei Dynasty (368-534) moved the capital from Pingcheng (known as Datong today) to Luoyang, and continued for the next 400 years. The Longmen Grottoes statue is all previous dynasties working people and the artist infinite wisdom and the blood and sweat crystallization.

There are 2,345 caves and niches, housing more than 100,000 statues of Buddha, Bodhisattvas and Arhats, together with 2,840 inscribed stone tablets and over 60 stone stupas.

Among all the caves in Longmen Grottoes, that completed by Northern Wei Dynasty and Tang Dynasty account for the majority, reaching up to 30% and 60% respectively. Impacted by aethestic standards of the times, two dynasties show widely different styles in carving statues of Buddhas. The ones of Northern Wei look vivacious, comely, tender and slim, while the Tang’s are much Heavier.

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