Moon Hill

Entrance Fee CNY 11
Opening Hours 8:00 – 17:30

Named after its distinctive moon-shaped orifice, Moon Hill stands out as one of the most prominent features of Yangshuo’s countryside. Just as Elephant Hill is synonymous with the landscape of Guilin, Moon Hill has become an iconic symbol of Yangshuo.

This natural wonder is a massive limestone formation with a hole resembling the shape of a crescent moon at its center. Ascending the 800 marble stairs known as the “Appreciating Moon Path” allows visitors to reach the hill’s summit and marvel at the Moon Cave up close. Inside the cave, visitors encounter a mesmerizing array of stalactites hanging from the ceiling, taking on shapes reminiscent of various figures such as Buddha’s warriors, lunar goddesses, and jade rabbits. As cyclists pass by Moon Hill, the changing perspectives offer different views of the Moon Cave, resembling a “full moon,” “half moon,” or “crescent moon” depending on the angle.

Beyond its scenic allure, Moon Hill also presents an enticing challenge for rock climbers. With 14 climbing routes located on its northwest face, Moon Hill provides ample opportunities for both novice and seasoned climbers to test their skills against its rugged cliffs and crags. Whether admiring its natural beauty or seeking adventure through rock climbing, Moon Hill offers a memorable experience for visitors exploring the captivating landscapes of Yangshuo.

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