Mount Emei

Ticket price:

Entrance fee CNY 160 p.p

Excusion bus CNY 90p.p

Round way cable car to Golden sumit


Mount Emei is one of the few World Heritage Sites of both cultural and natural heritages, Mount Emei is an enchanted combination of lush forest and cultural relics. It is one of the Four Great Buddhist Mountains in China, also the home to 5000 kinds of plants (more than the total species in Europe) and over 2300 kinds of wild animals.

It is listed UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the four famous Buddhist mountains in China.

Mount Emei is a famous Buddhist mountain, and also the ashram of the universal Bodhisattva, and the numerous temples in the mountain make it full of the breath of the Buddha.The scenery in the mountains is very beautiful, there are beautiful scenery in the four seasons. With different altitudes, it is divided into three areas: low, middle and high. Choosing to watch the sunrise and the sea clouds are the most  popular items.Sometimes some folk activities are held.

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