Qinghai Lake

Entrance fee: entrance fee CNY 90 p.p

Battery car CNY 20 p.p

Ferry 140p.p

Located in the northeast of the Tibetan Plateau, this huge alkaline salt lake is usually No. 1 on “Most Beautiful Lakes in China” lists. Shaped like an ellipse, Qinghai Lake reaches 28.71m (77.79 feet) at the deepest point but averages 19m (62.34 feet) overall. Due to the high altitude, the Qinghai Lake weather is very cool. Even in the middle of the summer, the average temperature in the daytime is about 15°C (59°F), which is why it is often selected as a summer resort.

It has different sceneries in four seasons

In spring, the surrounding mountains and wetlands take on a fresh green look with scattered colorful flowers and white snow.

In summer and autumn, the lake is decorated with golden clothing, as tens of thousands of hectares of rape flowers spread nearby Qinghai lake.

In winter, snow and ice cover the surface of the lake, and the lake becomes quiet. It’s a good time for you to go and slow your pace, immerse yourself in the cold world, and enjoy the quiet plateau scenery, a white world is in front of you.

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