Shaolin Kung Fu Shows

Performance time: 20:00 – 21:15 (March to December)

Ticket: CNY 299 (Ticket A); CNY 269 (Ticket B), CNY 199 (Ticket C), CNY 499 (VIP Ticket), CNY 999 (SVIP Ticket)

As the birthplace of Shaolin Kung Fu, the Shaolin Temple is incomplete without its Kung Fu culture. In addition to learning Kung Fu from the masters within the temple, most short-term visitors opt to watch the stunning Kung Fu show at the Shaolin Temple. Presently, there are two places in Dengfeng where visitors can watch the Kung Fu Show. One is inside the Shaolin Temple scenic area, housed in a small martial arts hall, and entry is usually free during the daytime. The other is a large-scale show scheduled only for the night, featuring over 600 Kung Fu performers.

Besides the indoor show near Shaolin Temple in the daytime, the Zen Shaolin Kung Fu Music Show is the largest outdoor night live Kung Fu performance in the world. This performance combines wonderful Shaolin Kung Fu show, profound Buddhist Zen culture, fascinating music, beautiful natural scenery, as well as advanced lighting systems. The whole performance is composed of five parts, namely “Water Music – Zen State”, “Wood Music – Zen Meditation”, “Wind Music – Zen Force”, “Light Music – Zen Enlightenment”, “Stone Music – Zen Chant”. It shows the landscape changes in four seasons with Guzheng (traditional Chinese instrument) performances and nearly 600 people performing Zen and martial arts, creating many records in the world.

1. The largest stage lighting system in the world: More than 2800 lamps controlled by computers stretch from the foot of the mountain to the top of the 1400 meter high mountain.
2. The biggest stage project: The stage covers an area of 5km.
3. The largest man-made moon in the world. The moon rises slowly from the dense forest of Mt. Song. The moon is controlled by a computer and can be changed into wax or wane with a diameter of 20 meters.
4. The world’s most difficult flying martial arts performance: In the dark night, the monk soars into the sky, flying, rolling, and fighting at a height of about 80 meters.
5. The largest-scaled monk chanting: Hundreds of martial monks and several eminent monks of Shaolin Temple go to the scene to chant before the audience with music played by the traditional Chinese instrument Guqin.

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