Shichahai Scenic Area Beijing

Shichahai located in the northwest part of Beijing, composed of three man-made lakes, Qianhai (“Front Sea” Lake), Houhai (“Rear Sea” Lake) and the lesser-known Xihai (“West Sea” Lake) once formed part of a system of waterways that fed into the Imperial Capital. Shichahai literally means “Ten Temple Lake”, because there used to have ten temples around Shichahai lake. Today some of the temples are still standing such as Guangji Temple, Huitong Temple, Huoshen Temple, Guangfu Guan ( a taoist temple ).

The form of Shichahai Lake dates back to over 800 years ago, a little older than the urban building started here during Yuan Dynasty ( 1279-1368). It was once a part of the old Grand Canal system of the Yuan Dynasty. Many celebrities and public figures, including former royal family members, chose Shichahai as their temporary or permanent living places such as Prince Gong’ Mansion, Prince Chun’s Palace, the former residence of Song Ching-ling (Ms. Sun Yat-sen), the residence of Guo Moruo.

When to go

In the morning, you will find all kinds of local’s morning exercise here. Enjoy the piece of charm of the lake area. Yinding bridge is a great place to enjoy sunset. Shichahai is a great place to kill your time at night,  there are many chic bars and restaurants. Yandaixiejie is also a great place for window shopping. Coming between December to February, you can do Ice Skating here.

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