Shixin Peak

Admission Fee: CNY 230 (Mar. 1-Nov.30); CNY 150 (Dec.1-Feb.28 or 29 the next year)
Opening Hours: 06:00 – 16:30
Cable Car: CNY 80 (One way ticket for Yungu); CNY 90 (One way ticket for Yuping); CNY 80 (One way ticket for Taiping)

Huangshan, also known as Yellow Mountain, is renowned for its stunning stone steps, which are carved into the rugged slopes of the mountain and are estimated to number more than 60,000 throughout the area. The exact date when work on these steps began remains unknown, but they are believed to be more than 1,500 years old, adding to the mountain’s rich history and allure.

Throughout its history, numerous scenic spots and physical features on Huangshan have been named, each with its own captivating narrative. For example, there is a legend of a skeptic who ventured to Huangshan to witness its reputed beauty firsthand. Upon seeing the majestic landscapes, he was immediately converted to believe in the mountain’s allure. One of the peaks he is said to have visited was named Shixin, meaning “start to believe,” in honor of his transformation.

At Shixin Peak after enjoy the gorgeous Sea Exploring Pine simply walk to the right step up to the top and you will see the breathtaking views overlooking to the 5 Fingers Peak and so many others cliffs side dramatically gorgeous it’s like watching the 100’s year’s old paintings.

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