Songxianqiao Curio Art City

Songxianqiao Art City offers a quieter and more relaxed shopping experience compared to other markets in Chengdu. Situated in the western part of the city near Dufu’s Thatched Cottage, this market may not be exceptionally large, but it boasts a wider variety of goods compared to the antiques and art market located under the Second Ring Road at Renmin Nan Lu.

Visitors to Songxianqiao Art City can expect to find a diverse range of items, including historical artifacts such as Cultural Revolution-era memorabilia. Unlike similar markets in other cities like Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong, some of the inventory here may be authentic, adding to the allure for collectors and enthusiasts.

In addition to historical artifacts, the market offers a plethora of items such as stamps, coins, old photos, knick-knacks, Little Red Books, Mao clocks and watches, propaganda posters, textiles, and more. Bargaining is customary here, and visitors should be prepared to negotiate for the best prices.

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