Taihua Temple

Tickets: ¥6
Opening Hours: 8:00 am -17:30 pm

Taihua Temple, also known as Foyan Temple, was established by Xuanjian, the first Zen master of Yunnan. Initially named Foyan Temple by the king of Liang state, it was later renamed after Taihua Mountain. Over the course of more than seven centuries, the temple has endured the test of time, weathering wind and rain, as well as the destruction caused by wars. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, it underwent multiple expansions and renovations, yet the main temple still retains its architectural style from the Yuan dynasty.

Situated facing east, Taihua Temple boasts a grand scale and a meticulously planned layout. Inside the temple, one can find serene and beautiful pavilions, galleries, and pools. The centerpiece is the Great Buddha’s Hall, flanked by two verandas and connected to two wing pavilions. The entire complex covers an area of 3562 square meters. The construction exhibits a distinctive style, blending elements of Beijing palace garden architecture with the artificial garden design found in Suzhou.

As you ascend, the first striking feature is the stone memorial archway in the middle,Additionally, a couplet expressing the Buddhism’s sincere concern for society is engraved on the stone columns.

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