Tiger Leaping Gorge

Opening Hours: 09:00~16:30

Ticket: 65 Yuan per person

Tiger Leaping Gorge, situated in the Yunnan Province of China between Lijiang and Shangri-la, offers a breathtaking natural spectacle. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, the gorge is carved by the powerful Jinsha River, showcasing the sheer force of nature.

This destination is renowned as one of the world’s top trekking spots, providing travelers with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the untamed beauty of the landscape and enjoy magnificent views of the snow-capped mountains. Additionally, the Gorge is a window into the captivating Naxi culture, adding another layer of richness to the overall experience.

Tiger Leaping Gorge is divided into three sections: the Upper Gorge, Middle Gorge, and Lower Gorge. The Upper and Middle Gorges are particularly favored by visitors, offering stunning and dramatic landscapes. Conversely, the Lower Gorge, characterized by its more modest scenery, is often not recommended. Travelers can carefully select a section of Tiger Leaping Gorge based on their interests and the time they have available to fully appreciate its beauty.

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