Wangu Pavilion

Admission Fee: 50 RMB
Opening Hours:8:00~18:00

Wangu Pavilion, a prominent landmark in Lijiang, holds significant cultural and symbolic importance. In Naxi language, it is known as “Wengu Lun,” which translates to “Wangu Pavilion” in Chinese, signifying “the pavilion of eternities.”Perched atop the pavilion, visitors are treated to panoramic views of the majestic Yulong Snow Mountain to the north, the enchanting Lijiang Ancient Town to the east, serene pastoral villages to the south, and vibrant Lijiang new town to the west.

Standing tall with its five-story wooden structure, Wangu Pavilion rises 33 meters high, symbolizing the original 330,000 inhabitants of the Naxi Autonomous County of Lijiang. The pavilion is supported by 16 columns, each towering 22 meters high. This architectural design reflects the Naxi legend of seven sisters and nine brothers depicted in Naxi Dongba hieroglyphs, symbolizing unity and cooperation among the Naxi people to create a better world.

Adorning the pavilion are four pairs of distinctive stone lions guarding each side, with stone stairs leading to the main entrance. Intricately decorated with 2,300 auspicious patterns representing the 23 ethnic groups residing in Lijiang, the pavilion also features 9,999 dragon patterns, a traditional art form symbolizing prosperity. The addition of one more dragon at the caisson ceiling, bringing the total to 10,000, symbolizes everlasting prosperity and abundance.

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