Wenchang Palace

Opening Hours: 8am-6pm

Tickets: Free

Wenchang Palace stands as the largest temple-park within Lijiang Old Town, honoring the deities of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. Originally a venue for grand sacrificial rituals, it offers visitors panoramic views of Lijiang Old Town.

Constructed during the Qing Dynasty, Wenchang Palace boasts a history of 272 years and served as a site for imperial examinations and discussions on current affairs among locals. Accessible by proceeding straight from the path to the right of Qianxue Tower, visitors encounter Wenchang Palace.

The architectural layout of Wenchang Palace, with its main structure positioned from north to south, resembles the standard layout of Confucian temples and mirrors that of the Imperial Palace in Beijing. Comprising a series of buildings including the palace, pan-chyr, lattice star gate, Wenchang house, Kai Saint floor building, Kuixing Lou soil, Han Jing Dian, and auxiliary halls, the complex spans over 2,000 square meters. Elaborately designed and magnificently constructed, the main building, Wenchang Hall, covers an area of about 140 square meters and stands approximately 20 meters high. It is adorned with a statue of the Wenchang emperor purchased from Dali during the Ming Dynasty.

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