Xi’an Bell Tower

Entrance Fee Bell Tower only: CNY 30
Drum Tower only: CNY 30
Joint ticket of Bell and Drum Tower: CNY 50
Opening Hours Peak Season (usually March – November): 08:30-21:30 (Ticket selling stops at 21:00.)
Off Season (usually December – Feburary): 08:30-18:00 (Ticket selling stops at 17:30.)
Recommended Time for a Visit One hour

The Bell Tower, a majestic edifice steeped in tradition, serves as a prominent landmark marking the geographical center of the ancient capital of Xi’an. Radiating from this significant structure are East, South, West, and North Streets, which lead to the respective gates of the Ming Dynasty City Wall.

Constructed during the Ming Dynasty in 1384 under the reign of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, the Bell Tower stands as the largest and most well-preserved wooden tower of its kind in China. Rising to a height of 36 meters (118 feet), it commands attention atop a brick base measuring 35.5 meters (116.4 feet) in length and 8.6 meters (28.2 feet) in height on each side.

In its heyday, Xi’an held strategic importance as a vital military outpost in Northwest China, a status reflected in the scale and historic significance of the Bell Tower. Originally built as a means to assert dominion over the surrounding countryside and provide early warning of potential attacks by rival rulers, the tower has since become an enduring symbol of Xi’an’s rich heritage.

Featuring three layers of eaves but only two stories, the Bell Tower boasts a captivating architectural design. Inside, a spiraling staircase leads upwards, while externally, the grey bricks of the square base, complemented by dark green glazed tiles on the eaves, gold-plating on the roof, and gilded color painting, imbue the tower with a striking and vibrant aesthetic.

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