Yellow River Stone Forest Park

Located more than 150 kilometers northeast of Lanzhou, Jingtai County sits alongside the Yellow River, offering a captivating landscape that blends water and mountains in a unique setting. Positioned at the southern tip of the Tengger Desert and at the junction of Gansu, Mongolia, and Ningxia, it marks the eastern end of the Hexi Corridor.

Unlike the typical eastward flow of the Yellow River, this section near Jingtai County boasts a rare westward direction. Here, nestled along the riverbanks, lies the picturesque Old Longwan Village, surrounded by water and the towering presence of the lesser-known mountains. Accessible only via a rugged mountain road and a plank pathway, the village exudes an air of isolation and tranquility.

In 2000, Gansu Province initiated the Yellow River Customs Tour and constructed a tourist road, unveiling the breathtaking beauty of this area to the world. Thus, the Yellow River Stone Forest emerged, revealing its grandeur and charm to visitors. Some have likened it to the famed Stone Forest in Yunnan, though with its own distinct character. While the Yunnan Stone Forest is described as a graceful Southern woman, the Yellow River Stone Forest embodies the strength and magnificence of a northern giant.

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