Yunfeng Temple

Entrance Free of charge. Visitors can make a reservation online 1 – 7 days before entry.
Opening Hours 7:00 – 21:00

Yunfeng Temple, situated on the southwest slope of Elephant Trunk Hill, stands as one of Guilin’s renowned ancient temples. It holds historical significance as the former residence of Monk Jianzhen, a distinguished monk of the Tang Dynasty who journeyed to Japan multiple times to propagate Buddhist teachings and establish monastic discipline.

During the tumultuous period of the Taiping Rebellion (1851 – 1864), this scenic area served as a crucial battleground. The temple’s second floor now functions as an exhibition gallery, showcasing relics from this era, including battle flags, weaponry, and cannonballs, offering visitors insight into this pivotal chapter of Chinese history.For those keen on delving deeper into this storied past, exploring the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Exhibition offers a compelling opportunity to gain further insights into this chapter of Guilin’s rich history.

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