Zhu Family Garden

Entrance Fee: CNY50

Opening hours: 08:00—18:00

Zhu Family Garden, often referred to as the “Grand View Garden” of South Yunnan Province, stands as a quintessential example of Qing Dynasty residential architecture. Reminiscent of the famed Grand View Garden depicted in the classic Chinese novel “A Dream of the Red Mansions” by Cao Xueqin, this garden was once the lavish residence and ancestral temple of Zhu Weiqing and his brother during the Qing Dynasty.

Constructed during the reign of Emperor Guangxu (1871-1908), the Zhu Family Garden spans over 20,000 square meters (4.942 acres) and boasts an impressive array of 218 pavilions and towers adorned with steep ridges, painted crossbeams, and intricately adorned ceilings. The garden’s layout includes 42 Tianjing, or open spaces between buildings or walls within courtyards, adding to its spacious and elegant ambiance.

Each building within the courtyards is bestowed with a unique and elegant name, such as the Hanyu Tower, Lan (Orchid) Pavilion, and Xufang Pavilion, adding to the garden’s charm and allure. Today, 28 of these rooms have been converted into guest accommodations, including the Mei (Plume) House, Lan (Orchid) Yard, Zhu (Bamboo) Garden, and Ju (Chrysanthemum) Garden, providing visitors with an immersive experience of Qing Dynasty lifestyle.

Zhu Family Garden remains a popular destination for visitors from both domestic and international locales, offering a captivating glimpse into the opulent residential architecture and lifestyle of the Qing Dynasty era.

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