Baoguo Temple

Admission: CNY 10/person

Opening Time: 07:00 ~17:50 (1st May ~ 7th Oct.) / 06:00~18:30 (8th Oct. ~ 30th April)

Baoguo Temple, situated at the base of Mount Emei, serves as the gateway to the mountain and holds immense historical and religious significance. Initially constructed during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), it stands at an altitude of 551 meters. The temple boasts four main halls: Maitreya Hall, Mahavira Hall, Seven Buddha Hall, and Samantabhadra Hall. Notable features include a Ming-dynasty porcelain Buddha and the impressive 14-floor Copper Tower adorned with over 4,700 Buddha images.

As the primary hub for Buddhist activities on Mount Emei, Baoguo Temple hosts various religious events, especially on significant Buddhist occasions such as Buddha’s birthday, enlightenment day, and renunciation day. Visitors have the opportunity to participate in these religious ceremonies and gain insight into Buddhist culture and traditions.

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