Nanluoguxiang Allay

Type: Sights & Landmarks, Shopping, Beijing Hutong

Best Seasons: All year round

Opening Hours: All day

Tickets: Free

Nanluoguxiang, also known as South Luogu Lane, stands as one of the oldest alleyways in Beijing, boasting a history of over 800 years. This 800-meter-long North-South alleyway is adorned with cafes, bars, and shops, all meticulously designed in the classical Chinese ‘hutong’ style. Revered as a hotspot of attraction, Nanluoguxiang has garnered recognition from fashion magazines and is considered a must-see destination by international tourists visiting Beijing.

Stretching 800 meters, Nanluoguxiang features 16 Hutongs running from south to north, with 8 on the east and 8 on the west. Since the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and Qing Dynasty (1636-1911), many officials and celebrities have called this area home, leaving behind historical imprints in every Hutong. Recognized by the Beijing Municipal Government as one of the first 25 areas listed as historical sites in 1990, Nanluoguxiang carries a rich historical reputation and cultural influence, making it a popular attraction in Beijing.

As the most renowned Hutong in the city, Nanluoguxiang draws thousands of visitors each year. It serves as a vibrant space where one can encounter fascinating artifacts, indulge in delicious feasts, take a rickshaw ride, and immerse themselves in the authentic culture of Beijing. The allure of Nanluoguxiang lies in its historical significance, architectural charm, and the lively atmosphere that captivates visitors from near and far.

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