Tianshi Cave

Ticket Price

  • 90 Yuan per person
  • Boat tickets cost an extra 10 Yuan per person.

Opening Hours

8am to 5.50pm

Tianshi Cave holds significant historical and cultural importance as it is believed to be the preaching site of Zhang Daoling, a renowned Taoist teacher from the Eastern Han Dynasty. Legend has it that Zhang Daoling demonstrated his divine power by vanquishing mountain monsters and ghosts, showcasing his mastery of Taoist teachings.

Dating back to the Tang Dynasty, the cave features an ancient altar housing statues of three legendary kings: Xuanyuan, Fuxi, and Shennong. Additionally, visitors can marvel at various ancient wooden and stone tablets within the cave. A stone statue of Zhang Daoling, dating back to the Sui Dynasty, further adds to the cave’s historical allure.

Accessing the cave is relatively straightforward, with a small path leading to the west directly to the entrance. As you venture into Tianshi Cave, you’ll immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Taoist history and legend, experiencing firsthand the spiritual significance of this sacred site.

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