White Horse Temple

Entrance Fee CNY 35
Opening Hours 7:30 – 19:00
Recommended Time for a Visit 1h

White Horse Temple holds a special place in Chinese history as the first Buddhist temple established in the country. Its significance extends beyond its status as the inaugural Buddhist temple, boasting a wealth of “firsts” that underscore its importance in the spread and development of Buddhism in China.

Among its notable “firsts” are the presence of the first ancient pagoda, Qiyun Pagoda, which stands as a testament to the temple’s ancient origins. Additionally, White Horse Temple is renowned as the residence of the first Indian monk to reside in China, marking the beginning of a significant cultural exchange between India and China.

Furthermore, White Horse Temple is recognized as the repository for the first Chinese Buddhist scriptures, signifying its role as a center for Buddhist learning and scholarship. The Cool and Clear Terrace within the temple complex served as the first location for translating Buddhist scriptures into Chinese, highlighting the temple’s pivotal role in the dissemination of Buddhist teachings.

In addition to its historical significance within China, White Horse Temple played a crucial role in the global spread of Buddhism. Following its establishment, Buddhism began to spread to neighboring countries such as North Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Moreover, in the 20th century, countries like India, Thailand, and Myanmar constructed their own halls within White Horse Temple, fostering cultural exchange and making it a symbol of international cooperation and understanding in the realm of Buddhism.

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