Tianfu Square

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Tianfu Square, situated in the heart of Chengdu, serves as a focal point for the city’s major roads and is reminiscent of the layout of ancient Chengdu’s imperial palace. Covering a vast area of 88,368 square meters, it is the largest city square in Southwest China and holds similar significance to Beijing’s Tian’anmen Square.

The square’s design, shaped like an oval with an S-shaped line dividing it, resembles a Tai Chi motif. Two prominent statues, the Twin Fisheye Dragon Rising Statues, adorn the square’s eastern and western ends. The west statue features a 10.8-meter-high musical fountain intertwined with a 58-meter-long dragon symbolizing the Yangtze River. In contrast, the east statue comprises a several-layer waterfall standing 17.2 meters high and entwined by a 40-meter-long dragon representing the Yellow River. The sunken square, surrounded by shops and restaurants, offers an ideal spot for shopping and relaxation.

At the center of Tianfu Square stands the Golden Sun Bird Statue, boasting a diameter of 15 meters and illuminated by 100 colorful neon lights at night. The Golden Sun Bird motif holds significant historical symbolism, originating from the ancient Shu Kingdom and discovered at the Jinsha Ruins in Chengdu. Additionally, 12 cultural totem pillars adorned with the Golden Sun Bird pattern are positioned around the square, adding to its cultural significance and historical allure.

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