Vajrasana Pagoda

Admission Fee Five Pagoda Temple: Free
Beijing Stone Carvings Art Museum: CNY 20
Free for minors and the old over 60
Free for the first 200 visitors on Wednesdays.
Opening Hours Beijing Stone Carvings Art Museum: 09:00-16:30; last admission at 16:00. Closed on Mondays

Nestled north of Beijing Zoo in Haidian District, the Five-Pagoda Temple, also known as Wuta Temple, offers visitors a serene retreat from the bustling tourist attractions of Beijing. This historic site provides a captivating glimpse into the rich history of Buddhism and architectural marvels in China, while also offering a tranquil environment to appreciate its serene surroundings.

Situated on the eastern side of Baishi Qiao, along the northern bank of the Changhe River, the temple enjoys close proximity to notable landmarks such as the north gate of Beijing Zoo, the Capital Indoor Stadium, Dazhong Temple, Zizhuyuan Park, and Beijing Exhibition Center. Among its architectural treasures is the oldest and most exquisite Vajrasana Pagoda (diamond throne pagoda) in China, a testament to the temple’s cultural significance. Additionally, the Beijing Art Museum of Stone Carvings is housed within the temple grounds, featuring well-appointed exhibition halls showcasing remarkable stone carvings.

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